Active/Passive mode for TRV's


Whilst running the TRV's last year I noticed a couple of issues.

1 - As each TRV called for heat at slightly different time, the boiler was constantly having to bring water up to temp to heat an individual room

2 - To try and avoid this I was having to set heating much lower in parts of the house increasing the risk of damp

I would like to suggest an active/passive mode in the schedule that can be configured with each time slot. This would allow for example me to set a sensible temperature in bedrooms during the day but these would not be able to call for heat (passive mode). If the study calls for heat only then would the bedrooms heat up to temp and the TRV could turn off.

At night, the bedrooms would be scheduled as active and lounge/study in a passive mode. Again, if the heating came on then the lounge and study would heat up to a non damp inducing temp but they would not fire up the boiler unnecessarily.

Similar feature could be added to hot water so that it would only heat the water if the boiler is already coming up to temperature for central heating. The feature would in the background make use of the zone controller/no zne controller setting that we have for rooms at the moment.

Going one step further, in away mode we could make one zone active so the boiler isn't having to constantly fire up. AI could even suggest a room for this knowing how long each takes to heat up.

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