Relay and Opentherm together



  • @Nipod
    After watching the video would it be possible to do the conversion using Tado thermostats rather than Nest
  • Nipod
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    I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. You could control the switched live for central heating from the thermostat relay but I don’t see a way of controlling the hot water using a Tado thermostat.
    I would contact Ideal and ask if there is an undocumented configuration that allows Opentherm to control the boiler CH and DHW. You would also need a switched live output from the boiler for PDHW to shut the N/O CH zone valve if you converted to an X plan setup (as shown in the video).
    I could not see a way of doing this from looking at the Ideal Vogue Max manual.
  • Thanks @Nipod appreciate your reply
  • This is so frustrating when EPH, Genius Hub and Honeywell give us products that allow relay with OT. I am reluctant to change after investing so much in Tado but looks like I am left with no alternative but to bin it and start again. Rubbish Tado.
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    Sadly the sunk cost fallacy gives the impression of good customer loyalty to Tado.

  • @Montage you are 100% correct.
    Much as I hate being locked into proprietary solutions my next boiler will dictate the control system I use.
    The reality is that Tado is fine for simple setups, but anything more complex with multiple zones, mixing underfloor heating and radiators for example, is easier to achieve with controls more tightly coupled to the boiler.
    My prediction is that heat pumps will be the death of Tado.
    As for supporting new protocols like Matter, that’s just putting lipstick on a pig unless there is tight integration with boilers, which will require real Tado investment.
    So @Tado where are you in this conversation? Where is Cameron Wood?
  • Nipod

    Ideal Vogue Max has got 2 x SL ports
  • @stevieg1

    I too have gone and purchased TADO UK and EU model with 8 x SnartTRVs. As cant get OT working with PDHW then now having to go with Nest
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    @Nipod They would claim they are ready for ASHP with features like Tado Balance.

    I've no idea where the PR guy has gone. They probably locked him in the basement.

  • @Bimi
    I had Nest before installing Tado as wanted more zonal control, reverting to Nest would give me OT but no control over my smart TRV’s which is what I liked about Tado. I am now considering Honeywell Evohome as it’s OT compatible with my boiler and has zone control, any thoughts.
  • @stevieg1

    What do u mean by zonecontrol?
    If u can simplify for me pls.

    Yes that is also why I opted for TADO cos of ability to control smartTRv ans function all in one.

    Guess i can also add smarttrv but then have to be manually managed separately :/

    Do u have any wiring diagram how you did connect NEST G3 on a system boiler + OP + PDHW that be a X PLAN. I am assuming u got a system boiler.

    My bad if im wrong
  • @Bimi
    Sorry Bimi I was talking about controlling all my rooms which have Tado Smart TRV’s
    I like to able to control everything through the Tado app but I assume if you use Nest for OT you have lost TRV control. Yes, I have an oil fired system boiler which supports OT on S Plan
    The Nest thermostat which I had was installed by a professional so I left it to them a few years ago now.
  • @stevieg1

    I have new Ideal Vogue Max system boiler which supports OT and PDHW, has also 2 x SwitchLive connectors.

    If u take a photo of the Nest Controller how it is wired would be great. Maybe it gives me some hints.

    Correct, that is the beauty of TADO controlling smartTRVs all in one but shame that system boiler setup is not supported.

    On otherhand those with combiboiler have the luck to use it as a whole setup.
  • Bump AGAIN!

    @Rob please respond.

    Add this badly needed configuration.

    Opentherm + RELAY on the extension kit! Its been years.

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    @swwils sadly nobody from Tado gives feedback on these forums anymore....
  • swwils
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    seriously why is this not a thing yet @Rob

    Opentherm + RELAY on the extension kit! Its been years.

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    Rob either no longer works for Tado or has been told not to respond on the forum so there’s no point in asking him directly.
  • Rubbish customer care
  • I'd like to add my support for this feature.

    We have a y-plan system. Programmer relay switches the boiler on. Boiler switches pump on.

    I'd like tado stat via OT to 'talk' to the boiler directly leaving the programmer to call for HW (at full temperture) via its relay.

    In both cases the pump would run.

    One sticking point i can see is that when the programmer calls for HW the 3 port valve will prevent water from going to the rads. I guess this is effectively prioritised DHW mode.