Integrate Enerqy IQ with smart meters

JimH ✭✭

This interface is technically possible - as an example the free Loop app already connects to smart meter data and manages it well.....

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  • I came here specifically to see if anyone had suggested this. I created an account specifically to upvote your suggestion. I use tado and I use Loop. Only recently. But it seemed so obvious that tado could do that. Glad I'm not the only one!
  • Same here... fingers crossed!

    Another example is - integrating with a variety of smart meters, they even have an API.

  • ajp
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    I also use Loop and which both require DCC connections.

    Would be useful if EnergyIQ could also link into the meter readings

  • Another request for this feature
  • Uswitch has released an app that connects to UK smart meters to get meter and tariff data. I assume Tado could do the same and then provide real home energy performance analysis. Missing data point would be actual outside weather conditions around the property…
  • gary333
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    Surely using Bright makes more sense than Loop as they already give you access to their API.

  • When I got my smart meter installed I asked installer this question as I want an app to see reading not another screen in my room.
  • This was part of the beta app for a while, but that test ended somewhere last year. No idea why they gave up on it.

  • Luminus Sells a dongle and application but tado doesn't connect.. why can't tado read the meter the dongle is there?
  • Add me to this request. I use Hugo and get excellent smart meter integration so not interested in manually keying readings into smart eq.