AM/PM & 24h time format

Please make 24h time format available, either based on system (phone) settings or by choice in the application. AM/PM doesn't stick in my head.
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  • I believe the app already uses the phone's time settings to determine if 24HR or am/pm is used. It certainly works like that with iOS.

  • I agree with the comment by @GrilledCheese2

  • Samsung Android phone displays AM/PM in every thermostat page but 24hrs in the graphs.

  • samd
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    I have Samsung Android and the thermostat page time on the top line is the system time and nothing to do with tado and mine is 24 hr. That, of course, depends on version of Android.

  • Of cause that's the phones time on the top left but "Next change: 18.0 at 11:00 PM" isn't.

  • It appears iOS is doing the same on that room screen. Looks like a bug in both mobile platforms. @Rob

  • This is not a feature request but rather a small bug. I will move it to the GENERAL QUESTIONS & TOPICS section.

  • I confirm my android phone uses 24H format while Tado App still using AM/PM indication

  • Like dark mode, there may well be good reasons for people to want to be able to override the 'default' of 'just follow OS-setting'. See also degrees C v.s. degrees F (or Kelvin v.s. degree Rankine; or Réaumur or whatever exotic temperature scale one may want), mapping of temperatures to colors (astrophysicists might want blue for HOT, red for cold), temperatures to comfort-levels (19 is fine, 21 too warm) etc.

    It's nice to default to something already set somewhere, but always provide a way to override it...
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    The glitch is still active.

  • Comfirm, still AM/PM

  • Confirm, same issue on android. 24hr time and "until AM/PM".

  • I have the same problem.
  • Is it "really a problem" though.......

  • This ”issue” is corrected! It wasn't a "problem" more an OCD-problem.

  • rafm5
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    This issue has been resolved. Tested on iOS 7.22 beta app. 👍️

  • rafm5
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    Just checked iOS app version 7.22 (only one build for this release) and the am / pm issue is back. Can you also see it?

  • GrayDav4276
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    I don't see the issue......tbh
  • With iOS the issue appears to be inconsistent now. Sometimes I see am/pm and others it is 24hr.

  • Seasorul
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    Presented according to ISO 8601 (EU) on Android version 11. Resolved.