Show humidity as sensor in homekit

It’d be really useful to have the humidity from my tado devices show up as a sensor in homekit. This would allow me to add automations with other devices (eg when humidity goes above a certain level, turn on the dehumidifier)
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  • Nice idea. Didn't realise it was possible to do automations based on values?

    Oddly, you can view the humidity in HomeKit when viewing the Settings screen for a thermostat. But it doesn't look like you can do anything with it.

  • People at Tado, why is this not possible? This is one of the main reasons I've bought Tado. I would like to start my bathroom ventilators when humidity goes over a certain level.

  • @Darko I wanted to do this too. I ended up using the humidity from tado as an ifttt trigger (which is possible) to control a tp-link smart switch with a dehumidifier. It is working amazingly well! But that is not HomeKit, but solved my problem. I find there are not so many options with HomeKit :(
  • People at Tado, is this a HomeKit issue or an issue in your domain?

  • LittleBen
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    Ive wanted this from the day I set up my tado, it’s available in settings, but not in HomeKit. It would be nice if it came as a separate tab, so it can be used as a trigger.

    If you have any eve products, it can be used as a trigger within the eve home app. But not HomeKit, which leads me to believe it could be a homekit issue.
  • I could be wrong, but even if you dont have any eve can still use the eve app to use all of its options for scenes and trigger events......and once saved those events/tiggers will appear on the home app.

    So just create a generic scene in the home app, then goto the eve app and you should be able to ADD rules to that scene to include devices and set triggers that are not even eve things.

  • I didn't see this thread and I mistakenly opened a new identical one... giving this a thumb up hoping they will add the feature in next app updates

  • I would really like to be able to use humidity from tado in HomeKit!

  • I agree, just simply having the humidity reading up the top next to the temperature of the room would be nice in itself.
  • Download the EVE app, you can set up automations with triggers such as Humidity increases above 40% which are automatically added to HomeKit (and vice versa). You can then adjust the actions plus times, people.

    I use it for Hue motion sensors which has lux levels. Created the automation trigger in EVE, then converted to shortcut in HomeKit.

    You can also use convert to shortcut in HomeKit to find the humidity and act on it. But you cannot use the humidity as a trigger.

  • andrewj041
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    Please implement this, its a massive pain at the moment because the hygrometer isnt reporting back at the same interval as the TRV temp sensor which is a pain when i want to run a dehumidifier based on the moisture content of the air using a hue plug.

    Note I’m using HomePlus for this automation and right now it sucks.

    PS. Happy to alpha test this, im already using testflight
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    Hi All,

    Not yet resolved, but hopefully will be soon:

  • @rafm5
    Don't hold your breath tho'... Humidity was only 10th on a list of..... 10 😎
  • This is possible isn’t it? The humidity shows as a sensor trigger for an automation and you can choose drops below/rises above etc
  • rafm5
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    @Andi51081 Don't want to wait for tado° ? Go for Aqara sensors. They are cheap, reliable and work on Zigbee (no wiring required, 2 years battery life approx.) If you look for simplicity pick E1 Hub.

  • Is there a way to use the tado humidity sensors to trigger an extractor fan?

    From what I understand the answer is no, but checking...


  • Not straightforward by e.g.wiring the relay of a thermostat up to your fan/(de)humidifier/bathroom window and tell it 'Now you're a hygrostat.' It's not in the tado software, and you can only more or less indirectly control this relay, for exanple by playing with temperature offset as a hack.

    There are (unsupported/reverse-engineered) ways to get the sensor readings from your tado sensors (temp., Humidity) from the cloud.You could then have a simple script, e.g. running on a NAS, Raspberry PI or whatever, fetch these and base a decision to switch a fan on/off on the values, and have something act on that decision (e.g. arduino with a relay, or some sort of smart mains socket) and operate the fan. But, if you can rig up a raspi or an arduino with a relay, you probably have the skills and might as well take the final step and cut out the middleman: cobble up your own heat and moisture sensors with a microprocessor board and some parts from Ali. Hook it all up to the mains with a cheap but good Ikea usb 5V usb-powersupply, no more dead batteries ever, no need to pay a subscription. No need to worry that enough other people switch away from tado and they can't keep the cloud system running for the remaining users...

    The whole appeal/promise of the tado devices to me is/would be that it's an already packaged set of sensors and actuators all ready to go, with all the moving parts nicely under the hood, no fiddling with prototype hardware, etc. Basic software is there too. If only they'd give you a reasonable local api to build on this.

    Infuriating and unfortunately, it is just 'good enough' to make any homebrew attempts not stand a chance of being accepted, but just 'too bad' to use as-is in any non-trivial use-case. Sure this would work fine in the flat I had as a bachelor, with its simple layout of one bedroom, one bathroom/laundry room and a large livingroom/open kitchen. But, in that case, you don't need a smart system, probably not even anything more than an old-school mercury-drop based thermostat, as you're the only occupant and can just switch on/off the heat as needed when you get up, go out, return home, go to bed.

    As soon as you need to deal with a larger house, and more people living in it, some of which are too old, too young, too petty or too fickle to be trusted with being a co-machinist of your delicate shared climate control hardware, but they do have more or les reasonable wishes for comfort, it gets interesting, and you could use a robot assistant-machinist. But the available systems all seem to be set up a bit to naïve.
    It's just like someone thought "Central heating with one thermostat in the livingroom sucks, the hobby rooms are always cold, and since the main room is warm,the boiler doesn't run. I want to turn it into something more dynamic and controlable room by room, like the decentral heating with a gas-hearth in each room grandma had.Only, I don't want to/can't run the gaspipes and chimneys everywhere like a proper 1925 house, so I'll just have to make the radiator valves remote controlled, and put an OR-gate in front of the relay controlling the boiler". So they hacked that together and thought of a few optimizations so to make it slightly more efficient, made their glorified OR-gate control program into a cloudbased thing, so users wouldn't need to run a dedicated computer for that, slapped an app together and then succumbed to their own success...Not enough people paying to develop anything new/finish more basic features, just earning enough to keep the existing stuff going. Maybe working on V4, but can't announce it, as people would stop buying into the dead end V3, and that's what funding development.