Show humidity as sensor in homekit

It’d be really useful to have the humidity from my tado devices show up as a sensor in homekit. This would allow me to add automations with other devices (eg when humidity goes above a certain level, turn on the dehumidifier)
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  • Nice idea. Didn't realise it was possible to do automations based on values?

    Oddly, you can view the humidity in HomeKit when viewing the Settings screen for a thermostat. But it doesn't look like you can do anything with it.

  • People at Tado, why is this not possible? This is one of the main reasons I've bought Tado. I would like to start my bathroom ventilators when humidity goes over a certain level.

  • @Darko I wanted to do this too. I ended up using the humidity from tado as an ifttt trigger (which is possible) to control a tp-link smart switch with a dehumidifier. It is working amazingly well! But that is not HomeKit, but solved my problem. I find there are not so many options with HomeKit :(
  • People at Tado, is this a HomeKit issue or an issue in your domain?

  • LittleBen
    edited October 2019
    Ive wanted this from the day I set up my tado, it’s available in settings, but not in HomeKit. It would be nice if it came as a separate tab, so it can be used as a trigger.

    If you have any eve products, it can be used as a trigger within the eve home app. But not HomeKit, which leads me to believe it could be a homekit issue.
  • I could be wrong, but even if you dont have any eve can still use the eve app to use all of its options for scenes and trigger events......and once saved those events/tiggers will appear on the home app.

    So just create a generic scene in the home app, then goto the eve app and you should be able to ADD rules to that scene to include devices and set triggers that are not even eve things.

  • I didn't see this thread and I mistakenly opened a new identical one... giving this a thumb up hoping they will add the feature in next app updates

  • I would really like to be able to use humidity from tado in HomeKit!

  • I agree, just simply having the humidity reading up the top next to the temperature of the room would be nice in itself.
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