Directly select room on the Graph page, without navigating away

Please could a drop down to select each room be included on the graph screen in the App? This would allow quicker comparison of how different rooms have behaved, without having to navigate away to a different room and then selecting the charts again and again.

I find the graphs of each room very useful, but find it difficult to compare how different rooms have heated up, or changed throughout the day based on the schedules.

Allowing a user to quickly choose between different rooms on the Graph page (or even display multiple rooms at once?) would be really useful.
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  • Seasorul

    I would like this too. On the ”Home” screen I would like to have a bar on each room showing how much each room is calling for heat. Otherwise I have to open each rooms diagram to see if it calls for heat. 

  • ddmf
    edited March 5
    Registered to the forum just to request this, would vastly improve the ux - room title should be a drop-down list of all rooms.