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The standard temperature of TADO is 21 degree C.. If that is true, isn't it a better idea to lower this standard temperature on behalf of the climatecrisis and, recently, saving costs? For example lower it to 19 or even lower temperature. If someone wants to heat more, be free with TADO to do that.

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  • Scummy
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    Agree, a lower default temp would be preferred or better still, a setting in preferences would be useful for the user to set their own default temp. Thus for Alexa when switching on a room instead of always setting to 21 deg by default, unless an extra step to specify the temperature.

    HomeKit seems to remember the last set temperature for each room so is possible to do a quick toggle on/off. This is preferred functionality.

    Would be nice if the Tado app had the option of a quick toggle on/ off too per room to that rooms last or default temp as an option in addition to invoking the slider.

  • @Diabolo

    I thought that the whole idea of having tado° was to "set" your own temperatures for your tado° rooms/devices.........which can be done via the schedules and also surely there is no tado° "Standard Temperature"


    I can't comment on Homekit.......but, I use Alexa all the time for my tado° operation.......and in the Alexa App you can set up a "routine" to set a temperature for any tado° room in your system. An Alexa operation is "seen" by tado° as a "manual activation" for the relevant tado° room, and therefore the room will return to whichever condition that you have selected within the tado° App for the specific room after the timescale that you have set for a "manual activation"

    So for example (in my setup).......

    "Alexa set Living Room to 19 degrees" this will cause tado° to set the room to 19° C for 40 mins and will then "return to schedule" It works absolutely perfectly for me........I even use Alexa for the "Boost" feature, because the tado° "Boost" feature is completely 1 dimensional with no choice at all.

  • @GrayDav4276 can I ask how you achieve the 40 minutes schedule?
  • @Robti

    From your tado° App home screen.........

    Select: Settings → Rooms & Devices → then select the required room (arrow on rhs)

    Then in the room details .......Select "Manual changes on tado° device"

    Select " Timer" and open timer settings and set the timer to the length of time that you want (I set mine to 40 mins)

    when this timer has completed then your room will return to your schedule.

    Please note that if you have Alexa (I have) can trigger this action with Alexa routines.......and Alexa will tell you that your room has been returned to your "normal schedule settings"

    If you need any more assistance to do this, then just DM me.

  • Thanks atm I have it set to resume schedules after manually altering the setting, problem is asking Siri to turn on at a temperature for a set time, I can ask to turn heating on at say 20° or to turn it off but can’t ask Siri to turn heating on at 20° for 30 minutes

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    You have missed one of the points that I made in my previous post.
    The "time element" when using Alexa/Siri is set in the tado° need to have the "Manual adjustment" set to timer and timer set to your requirement.
    Trust works.