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Is there a way to boost the hot water for a short time at a period when the schedule would normally have the water off.

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  • Thanks for that. I was hoping that it could be done quickly on the main thermostat without going into the app. Not sure if that’s possible. Still waiting for my Tado to arrive

  • @Michael, I have the same question and have seen your reply.
    Yes you can manually set it to on but that is not practical or every efficient as you have to manually remember to turn it off again in another 30 or 60 minutes or wait for the next off period which could be hours away.

    Most other systems have this facility, you already have a boost for all rooms surely it can't be that difficult to have a 30 minute boost for the hot water?

    Thank you
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    Hi @rgh

    I have the ability to "Boost" my hot water temperature via my Alexa..... do you have Alexa ?? 🤔
    Alexa also allows me to "Boost any or all my Tado Rooms whenever I want.......I find this to be infinitely better and easier than any of the Tado "Boost" features tbh
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