Tado A/C controller wall mount missing by design?



I have three A/C controllers and each one was only supplied with a temporary sticky pad to fix to the wall? Is this right? Am I missing a part? One keeps falling off the wall and have tried other sticky pads but none seem to work, seems a huge oversight to create something that should be mounted to the wall with only a sticked pad! Please help or any ideas for neat hidden fixings very, very welcome.

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  • JV7

    The design of the A/C controller is pretty bad. The supplied USB cable that is supposed to be able to go through the recess is either too thick or the recess is too small. And because it doesn't fit properly it pushes the unit off the wall, so makes the supplied sticky pads even more useless.

    When I bought the unit I thought I could neatly hang it on the wall as shown on the images. Images without a cable coming out of the unit. I thought it would have a battery. The images on the website have since been replaced with ones that do show the cable but it was grossly misleading advertising.

    I've been meaning to make a custom mount with space for a small solar panel, a small battery pack and some voltage regulation electronics to truly make the unit wireless. But as with all my projects at the moment it's going to be a while before I get round to actually making it. 😆