More detail on device errors - Wireless Receiver


Quite often the Wireless Receiver is showing 'device errors' (blinking hazard light) but none of the devices actually have any issue.

I believe that this condition is also explained by the fact that a software update may be in progress. However, this is not at all obvious. It would be really good if there was an option to expand the status through the app. Similar to when you look at the historical graph on each room/device, you could look at the data on the Wireless receiver to see what errors/status had happened historically or in progress.

That would be a great troubleshooting tool :)

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  • agree, as there is still no way to check the detailed status of receiver and bridge from the app, and such event should be logged too in case for better diagnosis ?
  • Katya
    Agree, I have only installed the receiver and the smart stats two days ago and the receiver is blinking the device error sign - this is worrying for a new user like me!
  • hugbilly
    hugbilly ✭✭✭
    I think this is a good suggestion, the receiver regularly displays this blinking. In the early days I would worry about it and restart the system but actually it appears not to interrupt the receiver’s operation and “always” resolves . . .
  • Adele
    Mine is blinking a lot and keeps going offline.
  • royi
    royi ✭✭

    I had my wireless system installed in December/January and my system has also started blinking, but it does resolve itself after a couple minutes.