Virtual Tado TRV as workaround for lack of a bridge range extender

As I have a large 3 storey home with a side extension for which the tado bridge cannot communicate to all of the TRV's/radiators on my property and no sight of a hardware/software fix anytime soon, I intend to implement a workaround using Samsung smartthings and some temperature sensors to give me ability for the rooms out of bridge range to control the boiler by utilising smartthings routines. What would really aid in this (instead of having a TRV controlling thin air) is a virtual Tado TRV. So, would it be possible to have a virtual TRV added to my Tado account?
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  • GrayDav4276
    What exactly do you mean by a "virtual TRV" (virtual SRT) ?? 🤔
  • luteijn
    luteijn ✭✭✭
    Obviously the basic idea is to be able to inject into the cloud the temperature, humidity, co2, airpressure, presence, heat/cooling demand, display message, button status, etc.etc. readings from 3rd party sensors, that is seen by the tado ecosystem as one of their own, existing devices, so they have to change little on their end to make it just work.
    This would either have to run on the bridge (or a replacement for it running in paralel), or some sort of extension box in series with the bridge, where the bridge talks to a home proxy, that implements the rest of the missing stuff.

    I suspect tado is afraid they'll end up as a hardware supplier only, with other people delivering a superior control-layer, and miss out on subscription money if they open things up too much, so not holding my breath.