Eco->Comfort slider for each SRT


There's a few of us that want the SRTs to work slightly differently. I want them more open so there is more over shoot and more residual heat, some want them more open to stop too much heat being returned and others want them more closed and having tight control on the temperature.

I suggest an Eco-> comfort slider so in Eco tighter control is done so the SRTs are less open and closer to set temperature and the Comfort setting it's looser so the SRT behaves a bit more like the old fashioned TRV.

Also adding a deviation to an independent SRT so that if the temperature falls below a set amount off the target it would call for heat in that circumstance so you can have best of both worlds.

If these change controls Tado support can change per customer it takes a load of work off them as it leaves users to experiment without needing to contact support.

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