Enable Temperature Sensor & Radiator Thermostat to display temperature in Fahrenheit


I live in the USA and own 4 temperature sensors and 5 radiator thermostats. The app shows the temperature settings and readouts in Fahrenheit, but the temperature sensors and the radiator thermostats do not, which makes it extremely not user-friendly for imperial countries.

Furthermore, you cannot choose the choice of units in the app, the only way seems to change the settings for the entire phone, which leads to a situation for me where the app displays in Fahrenheit, and the hardware displays in Celsius, which is confusing.

Please help!

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  • JSerdaru

    Having to change your phone to choose the unit is not user friendly.

    I live in the USA but I am from Europe, so in the context of using the Tado app, I would like to be able to set the unit only for Tado without having to change my region / language in my phone, which would alter all the settings across the board.