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Ik zou het graag zien (in de toekomst) dat de temperatuur altijd af te lezen is vanaf de thermostaat, zonder op die knop te moeten drukken.
Kan dit worden gerealiseerd?
Dit dan vooral bij de bedrade thermostaat zodat het geen batterijen kost.
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  • luteijn
    luteijn ✭✭✭
    The battery drain is probably prohibitive, although it wouldn't be too hard to just rig up a 5V DC power supply to replace the battery. The wired thermostat doesn't get fed power via the wires, although it might be possible to leech power from it without triggering the boiler.
    So I doubt they'll put this feature in.
    Might be a fun project to rig up your own displays that use the reverse engineered api to get info from the cloud and display room dats.
  • CrogUk
    CrogUk ✭✭
    edited November 2023

    I'll bump this thread, I am looing to use OpenTherm fomr my Ideal Logic+ Combi C30 boiler and see it has 3 wire connector so provides a 5V supply on the OpenTherm while the '-' is the GND as far as the wire colouring would show. Afaik this is almost a perfect scenario. pa_1855466.pdf (

    As it goes, the maximum voltage of a AAA battery is circa 1.7V which for the 3xAAA in the thermostat is so direct connection should work as far as I can see... be interested if anybody else has done this out there!?