Energy IQ to take account of hot water

I find the energy IQ quite useful but it would be so much better if it took into account the gas usage for heating hot water. Can this be implemented so that energy usage for hot water can be shown both separately and combined with heating?
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  • Energy IQ does rake account of the gas used for hot water.....however it doesn't differentiate between the hot water and heating.......therefore any tado° calculations for the energy consumption is totally wrong.
  • I agree with OP. This function would be much more useful if it included an estimate based on hot water use. The system knows that I heat the cylinder for 40 mins twice a day so I presume it could make an allowance for that.
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    An issue with estimating the heating of HW is that Tado does not know the status of the cylinder thermostat, or how much hot water is drawn from the cylinder. It's the cylinder thermostat that fires up the boiler and not the Tado devices. The app could have the HW scheduled for 10 hours a day, but if no HW is drawn off, the cylinder stat won't fire up the boiler. Alternatively, you could have a large house with many occupants who are constantly using HW and causing the cylinder to refill and reheat.

  • EnergyIQ cannot even subtract two meter reading figures and get the right answer. Also it estimated my CH usage as higher than my total gas's rubbish.

  • I have a system boiler with a separate water tank. I've been monitoring EnegyIQ and Care & Protect this morning. It's not showing any activity for the water being heated. This can't be right, making the estimated heating consumption totally out.