Adjust humidity readings (Humidity offset)

Graag een optie om een offset mee te geven aan de luchtvochtigheid. Zelfde optie zoals bij de temperatuur
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  • I've realised that the Tado humidity sensors are way WAY off!

    I'd like to have an option to adjust/off-set the humidity to ensure it's actually more accurate.

    This would seem a more important development compared to "Dark-Mode" (useless) :-P

  • Kev3927
    edited November 2022
    I to have noticed that temperature and humidity sensors are way off. Can you please add humidity offset so we can pull things back into shape. Many thanks.
  • ekut
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    I have the same issue. Bought other humidity sensors to double check the humidity. Tado readings are at least 7% higher than actual. I have 10 TRVs and 4 separate temperature sensors. In some rooms, the gap increases to %13. I am quite frustrated. First of all, the sensors should have been more accurate. What a mess. I bought the TRVs from amazon at different times. So it is not the same batch. Therefore, I believe this problem exists on each and every TRV that is sold. The people who think that they don't have a humidity reading problem, most probably didn't compare it with an actual 3rd party Hygrometer or humidity sensor.

    We definitely need an offset setting similar to temperature one.

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    You should note please that NONE of tado's devices measure humidity. They measure relative humidity (RH) that is humidity relative to temperature. If, for example, you perform a temperature offset on a TRV you will immediately note that the RH has changed its value accordingly. So, unless room stats and rad stats are accurate for temperature, we cannot really tell whether or not RH is being accurately measured by those devices. We know that rad stats suffer a tad (!) on accuracy and, no doubt temperature offsets are used and applied at an amount offset at target temperature (?) which makes sense but is only accurate at that temperature. I really struggle to see how an RH offset could work.

  • What I can't get my head round is this.........working on the assumption that I don't have any external devices that will make adjustments to my tado° system.......exactly what is the benefit gained from the tado° devices reading humidity ( or RH ) .......because I can't possibly tell if tado° is able to "use this data".......I can't remember seeing any indication from a tado° staff member stating what the data is used for......apart from in the "comfort" tile........

  • More moisture in the air shpuld give it more heat capacity, so takes longer to heat up/cool down. In theory, Tado could take this into account. In practice, they probably don't, but hey the measurement probably comes free with the sort of sensor they have...
  • This is still needed!