GeoFencing early start

SUGGESTION: Provide for GeoFencing to be programmed or set in advance. For example - I'm going out in 2 hours time. I'd like GeoFencing to start in say 1 hour. And could such programming be regular (every Tue/Fri, weekdays, etc) as well as occasional
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  • GrayDav4276

    I don't actually think that the tado° geofencing feature can work in conjunction with an "early start" option........due to the fact that the geofencing function is tied to your device location.

    Also, it can't be corrolated with your schedule in the way that you are requesting.........however, if you have a "regular" requirement for this........then the only way that I can see to achieve this is to use 1 of the 3 schedules available in your App to pre-programme the times/days that you would require this feature.......but you would have to manually switch between schedules. So this is obviously not "automated".