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Simply show heating on and which rooms requesting on the App


When I open the app I want to (really need to) be able to simply see:

  • Has Tado requested my heating to be on?
  • Which smart radiator room(s) is triggering the request

We've just fitted smart radiator thermostats, and our heating is on unexpectedly. Driving me mad trying to work out why it is on (or off!!!). The heating has ended up being on much more by accident. It is getting there now, but really hard work.

I understand the colour coding on the tiles around target temprature, but maybe an option to have colour based on "heating requested" rather?

Tried looking for this suggestion, but went through 10 pages of results! The search term is too wide.

Really love the Tado system and app though.

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  • wateroakley

    Me too. When we open the app, we see the rooms calling for heat, if any, and the room set temperatures.