Bathroom with underfloor heating, wall radiator and heated towel dryer


I am wondering how can I efficiently manage one bathroom with water underfloor heating with wall thermostat, one wall radiator with thermostat valve and one towel dryer with thermostat valve.

What can you advise?

Should I buy tado thermostat for wall radiator and floor heating? Just for floor heating? For all?

Thanks for the help

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  • Hello Michael,

    My system is compatible because I already have 2 x Smart Thermostat mounted on the ground floor.

    Basically, the central heating is composed of a boiler located in the basement, hot water floor heating (in the ground floor) and hot water radiator heating (in the upper floor).

    The exception is this bathroom in the upper floor with a mix of radiator and floor heating.

    The actual situation in this specific bathroom is as follows...

    1 x Smart Radiator Thermostat (SRT) installed on a wall radiator located under one window. This is the measuring device

    1 x SRT installed in the towel dryer, 2 meters away from the measuring device.

    1 x Analog wall thermostat controlling the floor heating.

    I suppose that to have an effective control of the heating in this bathroom, I will need to replace the analog thermostat with a Smart Thermostat but that will be done later.

    Right now, the problem I have is that every time someone takes a shower (2,5 to 3m away from the measuring device) the SRT announces an open window due to the sudden increase of air moisture.

    Is there any way to circumvent this?

    Changing measuring device is a no-go because the actual secondary device is located near the shower cabin whilst the measuring device is located further away nearer the window (obviously closed during shower).

    Anyone with an idea on how to control this behavior?

    Thanks in advance