Newbie here,- deleted icon, can't get it back

I've subscribed to Auto-Assist, but then pressed on a phrase when I was exploring it, and the icon disappeared! Im still showing as Subscribed, just no Icon any more. Any ideas on how to reinstall the icon please? (Can't see how to post a photo either)!


  • You can post photos if you use the desktop version of the forum. Might be helpful because I’m not quite sure what has happened.
  • Thanks Johnnyp78, hadn't thought of that. I don't know if I can duplicate what I did though, but will have a look on the desktop.
  • Which icon disappeared ?? 🤔
  • The icon that disappeared was the main Auto-Assist icon on the home page; I've tried deleting the app as per checking out some FAQs, and reinstalling but still no icon after I've logged back in. This is all on my phone so far, so will try on my desktop tomorrow, thanks
  • I think you should contact Tado support. Sounds more like a problem at their end, there’s no reason why any of the squares on the home screen should disappear. Have you tried accessing the web page on a desktop? Is it there then?
  • @fludbanny

    To the best of my knowledge......there isn't an Icon for "Auto Assist" on the access your main subscribed areas through "EnergyIQ" .......??🤔

  • @GrayDav4276 i think you might have solved it. I suspect that square might only be there when you don’t subscribe. Definitely there on mine.
  • @johnnyp78

    Agreed......I re-subscribed on 1st Nov......and it's gone !!

  • Just got a reply from Tado°, telling me "Thank you for contacting us.
    The Auto Assist icon was removed from the home page with the latest updates." So it wasn't finger trouble on my part after a new user, can't really remember much about Auto-assist, so don't know whether I need it or not!....thanks for the help folks!
  • Well, by the looks of it, and having gone through the List in Settings, it does seem that the Auto-Assist icon might only be displayed until you have subscribed, (although mine stayed for a few days, hence I couldn't understand why it should suddenly disappear, - possibly till I closed the app or pressed on a Field in the Auto-Assist settings or updated it), - as it is quoted in parts of the Skills list as being the reason or method that the skill can be operated and utilised. You learn summat everyday...
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    The only reason that the "Auto Assist" icon is shown on the homepage is to "lure users" to check it out and subscribe...."a bit sneaky"