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I have a new Tado system fitted to an old oil boiler and I am mostly loving it.

The issue I have is thick walls and scalability.

I have maxed out devices so had to change back to regular TRVs in some rooms and I have maxed out on zone controllers.

The bridge can never see all TRVs or Wireless Temperature Sensors (WTS) at any one time.

I would like to see more rooms, more zone controllers and bridge extension or mesh. if TRVs could be connected to WTS this may elevate some of my issues and create a pseudo mesh.

Tado is advertise as for "any sized house" this is not really the case.

any advise would be welcome, attached is a plan of what I have installed, the Bridge is being moved constantly to find the optimal location, I have ethernet cables draped everywhere.

the Bridge could also be powered over Ethernet OR USB and be Wifi enabled, in fact the entire system could be wifi enabled as I have a full wifi6 mesh system giving me 150Mb throughout the house

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  • To you last point, I bought cheap USB/Ethernet PoE splitter to place bridge somewhere without power. Works a treat.

  • Kissarmy
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    I also bought a cheap POE injector and cheap black POE splitter to a short pair of flying cables with RJ45 and micro USB B that plugged straight into the Bridge. I borrowed my wifes mic stand so I could have the bridge dangling down off the cables as I tried it everywhere. In my case it worked in the upstairs archway in the 2ft thick stone wall that splits the house in half.
    I then bought an expensive £45 POE splitter that had mounting brackets and an RJ45 socket and USB C socket. This allowed me to mount the Bridge to the archway and use white 3m ethernet cable and white micro USB B to USB A cable (plus a USB C to USB A socket adapter). The cables run round the wall and into a cupboard where the splitter is mounted. This manages to look neat enough for my wifes approval and the LEDs act as a good night light. Hope you manage to find a place for the bridge that works for you.
  • Dan0
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    I have found a place, its hanging from a beam at the moment and I need to drill a hole to run a couple of cables, my main gripe is its not scalable, it needs extensions, more devices to be added and more rooms

  • paul0000

    @Dan0 Our house isn't too different, and I found the best place for the internet bridge was in the loft hanging upside down off a beam as centrally to the house as I could reach.

    It took me ages to find this location and get USB power and ethernet into the loft, not to mention having to crawl around in an old Victorian loft with beams everywhere 🙄

    We now have only one room that drops out of range, but it's a room we rarely used so I'm "ok" with this. We also continue to see regular drops between our internet bridge and extension kit, sometimes for hours or overnight - this kills any schedules in place for hot water and heating. Totally bizarre given it has the 2nd shortest distance of all 14 TRVs in the house.

    I have also added a couple of 868mhz ariel extensions which seem to have helped.

    Living in hope that tado will provide support for multiple internet bridges, or that another smart heating company can bring a solid solution to the market.