Installing Tado has turned out to be a nightmare

First I tried myself following the app, this blew my boiler and had to have a new board fitted EVEN though all the wiring was done fine. An electrician checked it all out and turned out to be low voltage on a main line.

He has wired it into a gravity fed system because that's what he thinks is in my house which has resulted in me having hot water and heating at the same time only.

I have had another extensive look at my boiler, hot water tank etc and concluded that I have an S plan fully pumped system. No cold water tank. Now I've been waiting on electrician to come back but it's taking a while.

I'm new so not sure how I would add pictures of the system but can someone help me get this thing working properly.

Edit -

Please see attached - Am I correct that this is a fully pumped S heating system?

Please also find attached the original wiring of the Siemens controller, then the wiring I did, then the one that the electrician has done - he couldn't get it to work and fiddled around a lot with all the settings, combi, s y etc. He eventually figured that it was maybe a gravity fed one and has done wiring in line with that which would explain why both HW and CH are coming on simultaneously. How do I get it back to S or can I just change the config on the controller?


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    I think you should probably wait for the electrician as he/she will have a clearer idea how they’ve wired it, though if they can’t tell what kind of hot water system you have maybe use a different one.

    You can add pictures on the desktop version of the forum.
  • GrilledCheese2
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    This is definitely an S plan setup. Not only is it fully pumped it's also an unvented hot water cylinder. Plus there's nothing low voltage about your controls - just traditional 230V relay setup. Your electrician failed to recognise your setup, so probably not that experienced with heating systems.

    You'll probably be better off with a heating engineer as they should have knowledge of gas, plumbing and the electrical controls.

  • When the system died, I did have a heating engineer come as there was no power to the boiler. He replaced the part and then when this didn't work he passed the work onto the electrician so I'm just going back and forth between the 2. Half the work seems to be done, is there no way I can configure it to S plan myself now?
  • The LED colour on the receiver determines the configuration. Needs to be Green for S-plan. If it's blue or yellow then follow the setup instructions to change..

  • I have tried but it refuses to change into any other colour. Waiting on tado support but they are taking so long for a response.
  • To change the configuration you press both test buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. Then you press just the CH test button to scroll through the different LED colours. When you have green wait 5 seconds for the setup to timeout and save the new configuration.

  • Hello all - an update so I have had the electrician again and he has put it on s plan wiring y plan wiring and gravity and no configuration will save or work except the gravity one. Every time the configuration comes on, it blinks for 20.seconds then stays solid but then when we check it again - it has changed back to yellow for combi. We can however get it to change to gravity which means I can hot water at least with my heating. Really really bizzare. No idea what to do at this point.
  • I think you'll have to contact customer support on the chat service. They can make configuration changes remotely.

  • Thanks grilled cheese for all the support and johnnyp78. I contacted support and they were able to configure it to s plan and now it works like a dream. I didn't even have to change the wiring.