New gas meter in Energy IQ


In Energy IQ add the possibility to start meter readings back at zero after installation of a new gas meter. At the moment you have to delete your complete history before starting back at zero.

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  • Kamol

    Same issue for me but I just the old highest recorded value to the new one.

  • Scidd0w

    I just got a new meter myself too. Is the only way to fix this to delete the complete history? I hope not since I use this extensively...

  • JoL

    Since a meter replacement is not unusual it must be supported. The new meter will start with zero, so it should not be difficult to allow such a reset. Energy IQ is a new feature and I would like to add historic data as well.

  • ruppia

    I need this option as well, today they change the gas meter and now i'm stuck.

    I read the post, one other thing we can do its add to the last reading of the meter the value of the new one, eg:

    Old and last reading: 66870

    Next Reading: 250

    What we can imput is 66870+250. Off course it's not perfect