Internet Bridge always On?

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I just set multiple thermostats and I was wondering: Do I really need to have the internet bridge to plugged in the power socket. Or does it need to be always connected to the router using a cable? There is no wireless connection? 😮

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  • This is the community forum, not Tado support. The bridge needs power and a physical connection to the Internet, either by router or a switch.
  • @TheWatcher

    If your Bridge is not connected to your router / internet to maintain a connection to the tado° servers......then your system wil! Not work.......this is a basic requirement of the tado° operation.........No Internet.....No Work

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    @TheWatcher You’ll need the bridge Ethernet connected into the router ethernet. The bridge has to be powered too. Some routers (e.g. a BT home hub 6) have a usb output to power the bridge. If no usb on the router, you’ll need to use the usb power adapter and plug usb into that. Some remote Wi-Fi devices also have a usb and ethernet port.