Reversed Valves

A friend is looking a options for his home heating including tado but has a radiator with valves on wrong 'ends' i.e. lock shield is on input side. Apparently not causing him any issues. Were he to use tado, for example, would a tado TRV on the output side of a rad be a problem?

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    @samd occasionally single direction valves (intended for the flow side) are incorrectly fitted on the return side. My comment was just to ensure that wasn't the case in this situation. However as @johnnyp78 says they tend to be noisy if fitted wrongly anyhow. @johnnyP


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    If the current trvs aren’t causing him any issues, I don’t see why Tado ones would.
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    @samd provided they are true bi-directional trvs then there's not really such a thing as the "wrong side", apart from conforming to best practice. Bi-directional trvs normally have two arrows on the trv body somewhere.

    All of the valves in my house are bi-directional and whoever originally installed them just stuck them on random sides, so I've got some on the flow side and some on the return. If anything, the ones on the return side provide much more accurate temperature readings as they're sat on top of a pipe that is typically cooler, so they don't tend to suffer as much with reading too high when the radiator is on.

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    @cbd20 Thanks for that particularly your comment 'true bi-directional' Are you saying that he might have trv that allows water to pass in either direction but doesn't meet 'true' standard?

  • If they’re not bi directional he will probably know - trvs fitted wrongly tend to cause a loud hammering sound when they’re not fully open.