I changed my broadband supplier, now my thermostat won't connect to the internet.

I changed my broadband supplier, now my thermostat won't connect to the internet. I tried pressing the button bottom right corner for 10 seconds bot no joy.

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  • Your thermostat doesn’t connect to the Internet. Have you looked at the bridge? Maybe your thermostat needs pairing with it again?
  • Thought that might be the problem. Unfortunately, it's so long since we changed supplier I can't remember where we put the bridge. Does this mean we have to buy the whole system again or can we just buy the bridge? Thanks for your reply johnnyp78.

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    Because of the restrictions of the way the tado° Bridge operates.......it is "normally" positioned as close to the Router as possible, so it should have been right next to your Router. Was your tado° system working prior to getting a new Router ??🤔

  • Thank you for the reply. It wasn't next to the router but we have never had a problem with the connection. Looks like a new bridge required, which we will keep cclose to the router. Thanks again.

  • Are you sure your system is connected to Tado? What was the bridge connected to? It needs to be plugged into a router or a WiFi extender.
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    Are you absolutely sure that it's a tado° system ??🤔

  • It's true - there is no fool like an old fool. When I received the new router I disconnected the old one and put all the wires into a box ready to return. Unfortunately, with the bridge attached. I genuinely thought it was seperate from the router. I should really have asked the grandkids first before troubling you kind people. Thank you again, you really did help get our heating on again.