Gas usage imputed on app not the same as the months summary


I have been inputting my gas usage on a daily basis now into the Tado app. On the usage report from Essent by gas company the Gas usage is 38 m3 costing € 77,74

In the app the gas price is correct for October (excluding other charges) is correct

In the app the Gas usage should be correct as I enter it from the meter every day.

Start of meter 02OCT 9638

End of meter 31OCT 9672

Total usage 34 M3 almost the same as the gas company but different to the app see photos

The part of the app that show the usage this month and the month last year shows 13.87 M3 for Oct 2022 totaling 27.6.

Now I know the final price can be different because of other charges but, the actual gas consumption should be correct.


Does anyone know why this is?