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The main bedroom in our house in Portugal, suffers from high humidity in the colder months at night, (corner on N side, lower floor and poor wall insulation). Typically 85% at less than 18C.

My Tado app tells me to wind up the heat, but it doesn't work and surely warmer air holds more humidity?

I have a wall mounted air-conditioner in the room, but if I put that on it cools the room.

I can understand the concept of dehumidifiers in hot humid conditions, but I cant "get my head around" the best way to reduce humidity in cold temperatures.

Would be grateful for any views on the topic.


  • srichards

    Humidity is relative to temperature. If you warm it up it's relatively less humid. You can also work out absolute humidity.

    I'd also be looking for leaks just in case that is the actual cause of the damp. Guttering, downpipes, leaking plumbing indoors.

    For removing humidity you need a de-humidifier running to take the moisture out of the air and put it in a tank to empty away. You can use it in cooler temperatures just as easily.

  • Thanks for the response. The problem is not related to guttering etc although I recognise that the wall construction is not the best from a thermal conduction perspective.

    Portugal, at least the Algarve, has higher winter humidity than UK and this is what I am dealing with.

    I am still not clear if what the Tado app calls for in these circumstances, i.e. wind up the heat, is the best policy, because, whilst this would reduce relative humidity, I cannot see that this would reduce total humidity

    Equally, if I switch on the aircon to "Dry" the humidity may be reduced, but the temperature in the room is lowered and that is equally undesirable

  • srichards

    De-humidifier that pulls out the moisture is the only sensible option I would think.

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    While tado° can read the humidity and display it in a graph etc........I'm pretty sure that our tado° systems are not "altered" by tado° to utilise the humidity readings. I'm also pretty sure that all tado° does with this humidity information is produce a load of nonsensical " tips" in the Air Comfort room display.