Away Mode by Mobile Device

So my wife and I work from home, yet on some days (random days) either of us may go into the office. We work in 2 separate rooms at home.

Because I do not know the days either of us will be in the office I need i remember to turn the programmed heating off in the room in which no one will be working that day, and inevitably I forget.

So idea is, wouldnt it be great if the away mode could be focused between a specific mobile device and specific control. So if my wife went to work one day then only her room would go to away mode l, yet mine and all other rooms intended to be on when either of us are in the house remain in home mode (because I'm still home).

Make sense?
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  • GrayDav4276


    This idea (or something very like it) has been requested by quite a few people........can I suggest that you carry out a Forum search and add your vote to an already "open" post........otherwise the focus for this feature request will be diluted.