Tado devices - which ones for which function?

Hi everyone.

I have tado installed finally and it's fully working after 3 long weeks. I am trying to set the system up properly so that I can have all the benefits however I keep reading that the smart radiator valves and wireless temp.sensor serve different purposes.

I have a normal.set up home and one big lounge downstairs and 2 bedrooms upstairs. As upstairs is carpeted, it gets very hot very quickly and downstairs also carpeted but because it's a big room - it's not always warm enough.

From my old system I had a wired thermostat in my downstairs hallway. At the moment I have the starter kit installed and a wireless thermostat which I sometimes put in the landing and sometimes in the lounge.

I want my system to be able to have the heating on upstairs but with a lower setting and the downstairs heating to be on full blast. Would the smart radiator valves be better or another wireless temp sensor?

Also how do I get my heating to stay on constantly on a lower temperature? Atm, if tado has sensed room temp to be 22 degrees then I have to put the heating onto 25degrees for it to turn on. Say I want the target temp to be 24degrees, I then want the heating to stay on to maintain that temperature but it just turns off after. Is there a fix or workaround?


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    Tado trvs are definitely the way to go, another wireless temperature sensor would do nothing in a single zoned house.

    Your last question is a bit puzzling. If Tado has measured the room temp at 22 degrees then it’s not going to turn on unless you choose a higher target temperature. If you want a target temperature of 24c then set the target temp to 24.

    It sounds like you’re used to simple on/off thermostats that don’t turn off until the target temperature is reached. Because the radiators are filled with hot water the temp keeps rising far above the target, even though the boiler is off.

    What Tado is doing is switching off the boiler once your room is approaching target temperature because it knows the radiators will continue to heat it.

    If the room drops below your target temperature, Tado will turn the boiler on to supply more heat to the rads.
  • As Johnnyp has already said, Tado TRVs are the way to go. Then each individual room (zone) will call for heat independently and turn off as it warms up. Our lounge was always the last room to heat up. With Tado, the room is heated independent of the main stat in the hall.
  • I'm not sure if it's just me.......but, I'm sure that some people get confused when they read the term "Zone" used by other users......especially when tado° uses the terminology "Zone Controller" .........sometimes people use "Zone" when the term "Area" ( just an example) is more indicative of their household layout.

    Please don't shoot the messenger.....if I've got it completely wrong.......maybe it's just my OCD kicking in......and maybe no-one else gets confused at all 🤔🙃😱