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A clicking sound from Tado Wired Thermostat

Hi I used a Tado wired Add-on Thermostat replaced my old classic wired thermostat for my 2nd floor bedroom. It work fine. But tonight I can hear a quite obvious clicking sound/noise while the Tado Thermomstat is on or off the heating. I am not sure it’s normal or not. But my Tado wired start-kits which installed downstairs didn’t make the clicking sound while it’s on or off. So strange. Anyone heard this sound please? Thanks!


  • I think the wired thermostats always make a subtle clicking noise when operating in relay mode. If the thermostat downstairs is paired with a wireless receiver, it will operate wirelessly and be silent.

  • had to reinstall my set up as well and hear a distinct clicking noise now - boiler doesn't even reliably start or hold the heating

    any ideas or experiences?

  • johnnyp78
    What is your set up, what brand is your boiler, how is the Tado device wired to it
  • Thanks a lot everyone! @GrilledCheese2 I would like to especially thank you! Because I read one of your comments under other people’s post about the solution of how to put Tado wired thermostat into a 2-channel system boiler. I had the same ideas as what you commented, but I really didn’t know whether it would work or not. After reading your comments, my mind was more clear and confident. :-) And with your very detailed explanation of how to set up the wiring (Brown Live - Tado Live etc.) we set up our wired Start-kits and wired add-on successfully! Really appreciated your lots of comments and help in this community ! :-)
  • @johnnyp78 mine is a system boiler with a programmer in the kitchen, which control the HW, CH1 for downstairs heating, CH2 for upstairs heating. I always leave the programmer ON 24hours, but twisting the CH1 &CH2 thermostat to ON/OFF the heating. So my thermostats broken very easily. I know it’s not good, but I really prefer this way. It’s easier for me. This is why I change them into Tado wired thermostats. :-)
  • johnnyp78

    @Ellencgn that was a response to @fairchildberlin but good to know in your case too!

  • @johnnyp78 - had it smoothly running for six years, so confident about wires. Inadvertently removed thermostat from app, and when reinstalled started getting clicking noises and boiler not reacting to heating request.

  • @fairchildberlin i think, if you can manually heating up or off the boiler from the Tado thermostat. And only can’t control from the phone app, it might be problems with the WiFi connection or the connection between “bridge”-“thermostat”
  • @Ellencgn thanks - but it's simply that the heating request, manually or per app, is not resulting the boiler firing up. bridge, internet, app side seems fine

  • johnnyp78
    @fairchildberlin the only thing I can think of is that the thermostat might have reconfigured itself when you reinstalled it. Has anything changed in its settings?
  • @johnnyp78 - all sorted with tado chat support. apparently all my fiddling with the unit ruined the configuration which they remotely sorted - all good now. no clicking noise as well.

    great service experience- you leave all the info with the chat bot with them and then i was informed that all is sorted by a real person via chat (and email) whilst i was shopping this afternoon. pretty good

  • DM932187
    DM932187 ✭✭✭
    @GrilledCheese2 - above you said a paired stat will be silent. This is precisely the question I’m trying to answer. Do you know, if I use a smart stat (not wireless sensor) as a second reference point, with the existing wireless receiver as the zone controller, will it be silent, or click?