Remove the 10 room limit from the controller

Please remove or increase the 10-room limit from the controller. I have to group rooms together to make my system work which is not ideal.

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  • I might be wrong on this but I think that’s a hardware limit. If you’ve got more than 10 rooms I’m amazed they’re all in range of the bridge anyway, that seems to be a common complaint.
  • @Pejodo

    If you carry out a search within the Forum, then you will find a lot of comments from other users and explanations from tado° employees regarding this very topic........there has been a fair number if I remember correctly.

  • Yes - this is a must. I have 16 valves across 14 rooms all within range of the bridge. Four of the rooms don't call for heat so I have had to group en-suites and bedrooms together - I'm now heating rooms that don't need to be heated.

    I moved from Hive because Tado 'appeared' to be much better. Bit of a backwards step!

    I'm amazed that this only has four upvotes, particularly with the amount of threads that request it!

  • I personally don't see an issue with certain types of room grouping.......for example as en-suites are attached to bedrooms......why not have each bedroom and it's en-suite as 1 room.......therefore if you have 3 bedrooms and 3 en-suites, then you have 3 rooms and not 6. Also it's possible to group similar usage or adjacent rooms together.......that's just my own thoughts tho'.

  • Linking bedrooms and en-suites is what I've ended up doing, but I prefer a warm en suite and a cool bedroom.

    I don't think it's an unreasonable request, particularly as they support up to 25 devices. I'm not sure anyone here could fit 25 devices into a 10 room house!

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    I have about 12 rooms. I am not bothering with heating the smallest of them (that is a toilet and hasn't even got a radiator, but it very well could have had), and the 'secondary bathroom c.q. boilerroom' has no active control and the towel rack is just always leeching heat if any is available. Also, one of the rooms is a large open plan sitting/kitchen room, this could have easily been one or two extra rooms. Some of the rooms have more than one radiator -> extra actuator needed, or radiatorvalve in a fixed position. UFH is on, but not calling for heat directly, but the Wired thermostat is in that room. So for now 10 radiator valve actuators, a bridge and a thermostat.

    There is a case to be made for more actuators (for the UFH and the now passive radiators), more sensors (one wireless thermostat per zone/room), and even more control boxes separate from sensors, as the best place for a hardwired control isn't always the same as where the radiator-knob or the temperature sensor should be.

    Besides being way too expensive to merit, all those extra devices would easily overshoot the 25 device limit. This is just a 4 person city house, I haven't even started on the holiday home, that would need a separate account, and all the hassle that would bring...

    For really small houses with 1-2 people living there on a very fixed/traditional schedule, with a simple set-up of 1 combi-boiler, and 5-6 rooms, tado would work fine, but then you probably could do without it easily. For a large office, you'd use something more professional with wires going everywhere, and automated blinds, air-conditioning, etc. etc.For the type of 4-6 person family home, or slightly large multi-tenant (student?) property, the features are missing. And for a hacker's toy, the DYI input/outputs are missing.
    So much lost potential..
  • I have 11 rooms with 14 smart thermostats.

    Each thermostat is controlled individually and it shouldnt be a huge leap to allow each to send a call for heat to the boiler controller.

    In terms of the Tado app, grouping thermostats into rooms makes sense but limiting the number of rooms that can make calls for heat does not.

    Hoping that another room is making a call for heat when rooms that are not assigned to a zone controller require heat is a compromise and is not allowing me to directly control every room in my house.

    I see that you can control 25 rooms for air con but only 10 rooms for heating.

    Tado needs to have a consistent approach.

    I guess the wireless controller would need to have its code upgraded to loop through 'n' rooms rather than 10 rooms - or allow calls for heat to be driven directly by the thermostats.

    The problem isn't going away - just more customers hitting the same limitation

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    I resolved this issue by adding an additional wired thermostat, and wiring it in parallel with my wireless controller. That way if either the wired or wireless thermostat called for heat, the boiler would fire (this works for me as I use the Normally Open contacts wired in parallel).

    You can also use the Normally Closed contacts wired in series. If you have a digital/opentherm connection to your boiler, this won't work.

    I did have to contact Support to get my new wired Thermostat enabled as a Zone controller, but once that was done, I was able to assign up to 10 rooms to my Wireless controller, and an additional 9 rooms to the Wired thermostat (on top of the room that the wired thermostat is in).

    WIth this set up, I can now have 20 rooms call for heat :)

    I was lucky enough that my bedroom wall backs on to where the boiler controls are, so I could just wire my bedroom thermostat straight in. However, my backup plan would have been to just hide the thermostat in with the boiler and set it up in the app as a dummy room that was permanently off and not used for anything.