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I cannot go further than 21 degrees on my rooms. What can I do?


Looks like the Tado thermostat controllers stops when they measure that is 25 degrees, that would be ok if that was true, the reality is that in the room is 21 degrees, that might be true next to the radiator not in the rest of the room. So currently I cannot go further of 21 degrees with tado installed.

It should be configurable the maximum limit, I found many petitions about that configuration for the last 4 years...

Any solution?

Best Answers

  • Folkranger

    The heat around the radiator may only rise to 25 degrees but over time this will permeate into the room and raise the temperature to that required (assuming the radiator is the right size for the room.

    Yes the trvs do shut off too early as they are close to the radiator. The design is based on german syystems where the valves sit horizontally and are therefore further away from the radiator. You can buy adaptors to turn the valves horizontally but they are not cheap.

    My own system has the trvs next to the radiators which are inside cabinets (not ideal) but the rooms still get up to temperature. Set to 22 degrees, my lounge still gets up to 22 degrees.

  • Fito
    Answer ✓

    I have found out that there is an offset setting that helps. Just it seems is not available under Apple ecosystem, but it is on the website. I was surprised that there was no way to adjust this.

    This is the link for the solution just in case someone else have the same issue:


  • Thanks for the answer Folkranger. Yes, one of the problem with the main room is that the radiator is small for the size of the room.