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atm we have the option to enable or disable a zone controller, and this stops the room calling for heat from the boiler. But, I think due to the cost of living crisis around the world atm, it would be a good option if Tado˚ could move this option to the Scheduling screen.

My idea would be for each time block in the "Advanced Settings" section where "Geofencing Control" is, too add another setting for "Allow call for heat", this would allow or deny the time block to control the boiler. If this was set to "Off" the room would only heat to the target temperature in the time block IF another Room time block was calling heat, this would allow rooms in the house to use the heated system water. This would be good for rooms in the home that are in use but only certain times of the day, but would be nice to heat room if it would not use gas to do so, ie my media room is only in use at night, but i have to walk through this room to get to the hall/stairs, would be nice to keep it at 16c, but only if there is other rads being heated, but at night allow this room to call for heat, so nice and warm when the room will be in use.

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  • I agree I would also like the “call for heat” function. Would be more efficient running my setup this way. So I can heat the room I am in, but while it is heating heat other rooms in the house but only while the room currently scheduled is calling for heat.
  • @andyblac
    This is a nice mix of Zoned and Independent rooms......I think that this would be a really economical use of the available CH heated water.....I like this 👍
  • @GrayDav4276 yeah, but as we know Tado˚ won't do jack with the idea.

  • @Jurian any chance you can pass this idea along to your development team ?

  • I was just looking for exactly this. I have a outbuilding connected to my heating. I don't want the house boiler to come on just to warm my office, I would prefer to put another jumper on! But, if the house boiler is on for other rooms, then grabbing some of that heat for me would be nice.

  • A sensible set-up to me would be to have several different cut-off points, e.g.: lower than 5 force boiler on, open valve. at 7, go from forced on to demanding boiler on, at 12 just suggest boiler on, at 16 prefer boiler to be on, at 18, don't care about boiler, but do keep open the valve, at 19 close the valve. (of course, the actual values and weight should be configurable per room, and you could extend this for cooling)

    Add up demand from different rooms, if enough of them need heat, fire up the boiler. Logic like this seems easy to make...
  • @luteijn but that does not help for what I am asking for.

  • Why not? You'd just set the variables for your room's schedule in the passive only-period to something suitable, so it would only keep the valve open, not actively call for heat.
  • makes things too complicated, when a simple toggle switch would be more than enough.

  • just bumping this back to top.

  • I would also like this facility.

    I am currently trying to find a way to replace my Frost Stat + Pipe Stat arrangement which was used to protect all the heating pipes in my loft (Bungalow with all heating supplies fed from above).

    Having fitted Tado in eBus configuration, I can't use the FS/PS solution now - and anyway, the Smart TRV's would not allow flow through the system unless all rooms fell to below 5 deg. If I set them to a level to allow flow, then they will call for heat all night!

    What I need is to switch each room to 'Independent' and open (say 20 deg) at night, which will allow flow but not heat demand, and then go back to 'Controller' mode in the day time.

    I can then fit a thermostat in the loft to switch on the boiler when the temperature drops to frost level, and hot water will flow around the system.

    I will still need an alternative for the pipe stat to switch it off - but I can work on that! (any suggestions?).

    So a vote from me!

  • Agreed, this would be a very nice addition.
  • I'd like this too.

    Note: Currently I have certain rooms with no Tado TRV because this function doesn't exist. If it existed then I'd have more Tado TRVs.

  • I'd also like this. The current partial workaround is way too fiddly.

  • There is also a good relevant discussion at highlighting why this is relevant.

    @Jurian @Rob I know this will probably fall on deaf ears with your PM team but is there any chance this will get implemented? Bunch of us have a setup where simply making a room "Independent" will not work. For example during morning-afternoon hours I need my home office to call for heat (everything else can stay independent and simply "leech" excess heat to get to the desired temp), during afternoon-night I need the same for the living room, during sleep I need to move this to the bedroom. All the functionality is already there, we just need to move it under scheduling.

  • I also think this would be a great addition!
  • just bumping this to keep it current, as this could really help in the energy crisis.

  • Does anyone from Tado actually look at these forums anymore?
  • This would make a big difference to the efficiency of the system.

    While having full flexibility on controlling each room is great, there are rooms that you wouldn't want to call for more heat should it drop bellow temp.

  • @Jurian did you mention this idea to your development team ?

  • @andyblac

    Haven't seen any evidence that tado° are listening to the forum members at the moment tbh

  • Jurian last active on 13th January. Not looking promising...
  • GrayDav4276
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    Maybe they are all really busy getting ready for the release of the "NEXT GENERATION" of tado° devices.........or maybe not, who knows......after all tado° is not the best at keeping its customer base informed.......

  • @GrayDav4276 you still asleep and dreaming ?, tado˚ doing work, come on, tell me another joke..., and regarding @Jurian yeah i know, but we can live in hope, even though we all know it is hopeless.

  • Tado should jump on this suggestion. As well as saving energy, it will encourage higher sales of the Tado valves.

    I've installed 17 valves, covering every rad, so I don't use the zone controller. However, there are certain radiators and time periods where I want the option to use circulating heat from other rads but NOT to fire the boiler perhaps just to heat a downstairs toilet. My best solution is to go back to traditional TRVs in certain places but this means I'm heating the rooms unnecessarily.

    This seems quite simple to implement; a checkbox on the scheduled time period for "Do not fire boiler".

    Alternatively, has anyone tried a non-tado TRV that allows time zones to be specified? I'd rather keep my whole system TADO but if they are not wanting to offer a whole house solution, maybe a hybrid system would work better.

    Hopefully Tado can give some feedback. This suggestion is mentioned in quite a few other posts.