"Lifestyles" - multiple user set memory presets of temperatures for each room


Add a section to the Tado app for "Lifestyles" (or similar name to avoid copying Honeywell Hometronic/ Evohome/ Evotouch)

Multiple user set presets so a one button push in the app will activate or deactivate a memory programme with user pre-determined temperatures for each room. i.e. Lounge 22 deg, Kitchen 21 deg, Bedroom 18 deg, rooms not in use off etc.

Thus is very quick to switch from different levels of occupation of the house. ie 1 person working from home wanting heat in rooms such as: office/ kitchen. Then a one button push to change to a different preset when partner or kids arrive and require more rooms heating or temperatures increased.

Currently the Tado app requires multiple steps to manually move each room slider and remember preferred temps for each room. Timed programmes are too restrictive to varying patterns of occupation.

Alexa routines are a workaround but would be more accessible if the functionality was built into the app with simple push buttons and a clear visual display.

Honeywell's implementation works really well and "lifestyles" are very quick and more useful for modern living and energy costs than rigid timed programmes.

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  • A lot of this kind of stuff keeps getting requested in specific 'little' feature requests, like 'add a guest role' 'add a dark mode' 'add a switch to dark mode' 'add a night-time state to away, home', 'show humidity' 'show fahrenheit' 'use my external CO2/temp/weather/open window/infrared presence/etc. sensor' 'display systen status on my scrolling led-display' 'control extraction fan' 'control my brand X window shades' 'control maximum flow rate' 'midi compatibility so I xan use my dj-setup to mix heat, not just music' etc. etc,

    The general gist of all these little requests seems to be 'we want more control over our own system' and a lot could be solved by tado getting over itself and just open up a bit. They can still sell their own limited (but, ideally, robust and perfectly usable for 'most customers') one size fits all cloud service, but decoupled from the sensors and actuators, so the people that just want to use those as cogs in a larger home automation set-up can do just that and /choose/ to write their own automation, run everything by hand, or use some 3rd party system programmed by other hobbyists.

    For every 'the default should be X, not Y'-request, there will probably be a 'no, Y, not X' and a 'That's crazy, in my situation, Z!' one. All people really seem to want is freedom to implement their own ideas on the platform, instead of being bound to the whims of 'the company'.

    Tado ought to be more like a commodore 64, and less like an atari 2600.
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    Yeah, probably showing my age a bit there... Actually our household never owned either system, but did get to play with both at friends. We had a TI99/4A, so I know a bit about what will happen with a technically superior system (16 bit processor in a 1979 home computer) if you don't open it up so hobbyists get to really play with it...
  • andyblac

    VIC20 here.........😎

  • Actually, although we're hyjacking the thread a bit, this kind of demographic data could be valuable information to tado. Know your user. Of course, there's going to be some bias in the type of user represented here, but still... Anyway, probably they already do some sort of market-research, but not (being aware of) being part of it, I'vd no idea if they keep track of really important things like "what home computer did you(r family) use in the '80s?" "Can you program a VCR?" "Beatles or Stones?" or "vi or emacs?"...
  • idl

    A quick word to say that I fully support the request for "lifestyles" or simply "temperature presets", since even in our boring lives weeks are not always the same! And changing schedules when you have multiple rooms is not very convenient. Ideally the tado app could even let users create schedules of presets: 8:00-12:00 = preset 1; 12:00-17:00 = preset 2; etc.

    Santa tado, do something.

  • How does Tado suggest users handle week long vacations, when we are all home?

    [long rant redacted]