Tiles in App smaller


I'm not sure if I can post a picture, but the tiles (Room, Hot Water, Geofencing etc) in the main page of the app have shrunk to less than 1/4 the original size. They are the same width, but very small in height, so much so I can't read the text on them properly.

I've just updated my app and there is no change. I can't see if it is a setting I have changed either.

No new apps installed which might interfere, the only thing that could remotely cause issues is I am getting warnings that my phone memory is close to full, but doubt it is that.

Does anyone have ideas how I can fix this? I'm about to add 4 smart trv's, so would need to be able to see which room it is I want to control.



  • rafm5
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    iOS / Android?

    In case of an emergency use https://app.tado.com/en/main/home

  • I'm using Android. Will keep that site saved, thanks.
  • Has anyone more insight to my problem?

    I've been using the link above, but now I have my 4 smart TRV's installed and each room has less functions on the Web version compared to the app. I can't access the heating statistics (temperatures, time heating was on etc) for each room online.
  • My post is for the app. I was explaining that due to the limited functionality on the online version, it is more important now that I get the app back to normal