Alarms when temperature exceed setting

My daughter is away for a full academic year abroad. I did set temperature to 15 deg c close the doors and forget about it…..

a few week later my wife went into her room and discovered the temperature at 35.7 deg C!

what not having an alarm alerting dot this?

thank you

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  • rafm5
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    @Jack57 What's you setup?

  • There’s clearly something wrong with your system - sometimes Tado trvs can stay on if they’re low on battery, but I’m not sure how your room could have got to that temperature with a trv set to 15c (assuming that’s what you have).
  • luteijn
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    Maybe the callibration was off, or the trv pushed itself off the valve. I suppose the point is not 'How could this happen, fix that!' but '*naughtyword* happens, too bad. Please report anomalies like this to user if/when detected' (e.g. T-room set to X, but keeps dropping lower/rising higher, despite best efforts of control system to steer it to target. User, please check it out, the control-loop seems broken somehow)

    Of course, if you think about it, you'll run into a 'who guards the guards themselves?' situation if you just let the possibly malfunctioning system monitor itself... It may well 'think' the room is only 16 instead of 21 degrees for hours now, and should be heated more, and agressively so, because the sensor broke... So again, you want a more open system, so you can add different independent monitoring/supervising systems to keep watch over each other.
  • GrilledCheese2
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    @Jack57 Tado provides IFTTT applets to handle temperature and humidity monitoring/alarms. If a limit is exceeded you can receive a notification or an email. Of course this will only work while the thermostat is powered up and sending data to the app.

  • And you need another cloud-based system. The big winners here are the battery-sellers and cloud computing capacity-providers. ;-)
  • A temperature alarm is useful even when the system is working correctly in a multi zone house. An alarm on the main thermostat would allow additional manual control of the whole system allowing greater efficiency is an alarm possible please?