Thermostat on every radiator?


Just recently had Tado installed. Looking to get some smart radiator thermostats however most of the rooms in my house have 2 radiators. They are fairly standard rooms but just have 2 separate heaters because the rooms can be classed as spacious doubles.

Also does anyone have the thermostats in their bathroom or kitchen? And is it worth it

Thanks in advance


  • Anyone able to provide some insight ☺️
  • johnnyp78
    Do you want to control the heat in your bathroom and kitchen remotely? If so then it’s worth it, if you’re happy with the heating in your bathroom and kitchen coming on whenever the boiler’s on then it isn’t. It’s really up to you whether you think the expense of buying extra trvs is justified.
  • I'm not too fussed with bathroom or kitchens however most of my rooms have 2 central heating heaters so not sure what the benefit of adding trvs to each radiator would be?
  • johnnyp78
    You definitely need all (or no) radiators to be fitted with trvs in rooms with multiple radiators. If only one trv is fitted Tado will never hit your target temperature. Also helps to have a wireless temperature sensor to provide a more accurate temperature reading.
  • When you put 2 smart radiator thermostats in the same room you get to choose which of them measures the temperature and then they both operate together. This stops them fighting against each other. For more accurate temperature readings adding a wireless temperature sensor is good. Then in the room settings the wireless temperature sensor is set as the measuring device for the room and both the smart radiator thermostats are controlled by it. I have rooms with log burners in them as well as 2 radiators and have wireless temperature sensors in these rooms that are nearer the log burners so the radiators dont come on when the log burners are lit.
  • And i assume when you guys say trvs that we are talking about the tado smart ones not just the standard ones that come on radiators in the uk?
  • @Tahreem Yes, that's why I keep writing 'smart radiator thermostats' rather than 'trv' to avoid confusion with the standard ones.