TRVs not activating heating



I have a dual zone setup with two smart controllers, the TRVs are properly associated with the zone controllers but they do not seem to activate the boiler via the wired smart thermostats despite the fact that they show the bars and are calling for heat.

The smart TRVs work when I set them to call for heat, they activate the CH system, the demand valves on the tank open and in turn the boiler fires and the pump starts.


  • Wired Smart Thermostat (Hall) (Setup as Zone Controller)
  • Kitchen (Two TRVs) (Linked to Hall Zone Controller)
  • Wireless Temperature Sensor (Kitchen)


  • Wired Smart Thermostat (Top Floor) (Setup as Zone Controller)
  • Master Bedroom (1 TRV)
  • Lounge (1 TRV)
  • Office (1 TRV)

Other Components

  • Wireless Receiver (Boiler Control for CH and HW, also a zone controller)
  • Internet Bridge

The zone controllers had to be manually setup by TADO in the back end but they appear correctly in the app and I've done the association between rooms and zone controllers myself.

If I had to guess the association between the rooms and the zone controllers hasn't "taken" properly somewhere on the back end.

Anyone else had this?




  • Hi,

    Just in case anyone else finds themselves in this situation, the setup I have/want is not supported by Tado. There are two workarounds but to be honest, neither are that good.

    Asking the wider crowd here but what is it that causes the heating or hot water system to come on. If I have a single wire for each coming into the wireless receiver I want to synthesize "always on" behaviour. Can I bridge the CH to something else, externally via the terminals to do this?