Add current Boiler Flow rate to graphs if using Digital Link

andyblac ✭✭✭

As Tado˚ knows the flow rate temperature of boiler at any given time, can this information be added to the graphs, as you hold your finger on the graph, see example below

This would help us to determine if we can adjust the MAX Flow rate to be more efficient or if the Flow Rate is not high enough and the boiler is struggling to heat the room adequately.

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  • I don’t see that on mine, which is connected via Opentherm. Maybe it’s just being rolled out?
  • @johnnyp78 I am asking for this to be added, I made that screenshot above as an example.

  • Ah, now I understand.
  • please add your vote, if you think it would be useful.

  • Until it is not implemented in the app, it would be great to publish the API for fetching the value.

    Also the "currently requested flow temperature" value.