Tado Feature Request: Authorize by Room When Inviting a User.


Hi Everyone,

I am a landlord. I have installed Tado in my family home and in my tenanted HMOs (Houses Of Multiple Occupancy where several tenants live under one roof, have their own privet rooms, and share communal rooms, such as ith=chens ad lounges).

I have spent about £5K so far on Tado devices.

I am delighted with the way Tado works. But, I would like to ask for the following feature-request as it would be easy to implement and provide a unique and exceptionally beneficial function to Tado.


When I invite an account holder to my home, I want to see a list of rooms with checkboxes against them.

I want to tick the checkboxes against the rooms that the invitee is authorised to control.


In my home, it would allow my family members to control their own bedrooms, but not the common areas, such as the kitchen etc. This would allow my wife and me to control the temperature of the lounge, hall, dining room, and kitchen without interference.

In my tenanted houses, it would be an absolutely massively helpful feature, as tenants aren't always that careful and accidentally change another person's room temperature of schedule by a mistake.

I would be able to prevent this issue with my idea as when I invite their account, I can select the checkboxes to allow control of their privet room and the communal rooms.

Each tenant would then have sole control of their own room and joint control of the communal rooms.


If Tado added this feature, it would become the de facto system for landlords.

Currently, landlords want smart heating controls but are reticent as there is no system that provides the kind of control I am proposing. Without this simple control, landlords are fearful they will cause issues between tenants in HMOs. With this simple control, landlords can rest assured that tenants only have control over what they should.

Tado could market its system on the various landlord newsletters (I can provide a list), and I am certain Tado will experience a massive take-up from HMO landlords.

Lastly, can I have this feature tomorrow, please (pretty please)? I would be happy to act as a beta tester.

Please let me know if my request lacks detailed explanations.

Many thanks for listening.

Kind regards,


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  • Hi Tado Team,

    Has anyone been able to have a look at this for me?

    I think the applications for families and landlords would be such a nice and practical touch. It would be a crime not to implement it!

    Thanks for listening.

    Rgds, Ben.

  • rafm5
    rafm5 Volunteer Moderator

    This forum is managed mainly by users, there is no guarantee that you will receive a reply from tado°

    Considering that there are other critical requests pending for years I wouldn't' expect this to get implemented by 'tomorrow' xD

    To summarize, tado° devices aren't designed for landlords, neither currently offer advanced admin control. IMHO small chance for implementation due to low return on investment.