NEW DEVICE - Multiple Heating Zone Controller Extension Kit


Currently where you have a “System Boiler” that heats your hot water in a cylinder there is only one device available that can control your hot water separate to one heating zone. The extension kit.

Larger homes are now being fitted with multiple heating zone control, particularly where you may have a split between underfloor heating, radiators and hot water heating circuits.

I have a four zone controller (Honeywell) which strangely enough back in 2017 was featured on the Tado product finder as one of the types of existing controller/programmers you might have. But when questioning Tado it wasn’t supported? Even though the exact same image of the programmer was on the website product finder?

Currently, I got around this issue by leaving the heating zones “On” and thankfully the wet radiator part of the system had a wired thermostat so I added the smart radiator thermostats through that device.

I understand product development is costly so for Tado it would be good to know how many other Tado users have come across this issue to get a gauge on the potential market size. Manufacturers of multi-zone controllers may also be willing to share sales volume data to get an idea of the potential here?

If you have a house with more than one heating zone it would be good to receive feedback on how common this issue is encountered?

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  • Hunter

    If the question is how do you cater for multizone then my wiring was a 2 heating zone via wiring centre linked to 2 hives. Both wiring terminate in the airing cupboard so the solution for me is a wireless starter kit for one heating zone which also covers hot water and then for the second heating zone I would need a wired thermo stat and a wireless temperature sensor to move the temperature sensing out of the cupboard. I won’t do the second zone too expensive for 30mins a day use. So yes a solution for multi zone which is a building reg requirement in the uk exists but is expensive. The real requirement is for a digital multizone interface……