Replacing Nest thermostat with Tado

New poster on here so please be gentle!

I have recently installed Tado smart thermostat radiator valves on four of my radiators and may well in time replace the existing (manual) TRV's on the remaining rads (with the exception of the one in the bathroom so that the boiler/pump has a safety circulation). So far so good and I am pleased with the results.

However, for the last 5 years or so my "main", and until recently, only, thermostat has been a Nest Smart thermostat (3rd generation). I have been very pleased with this - it looks good and has all the features of the Tado equivalent and more (e.g. Farsight). However, it obviously fails in one important area: it does not sync with the Tado smart valves. So the question is- is it worth making the change? I get the fact that if a smart valve is calling for heat but the Nest is up to temperature then the system will not respond- which I assume it would with an all-Tado set up. However, I do have some questions about this. What if for example one or more of the smart valves calls for heat but the main Tado thermostat is at or beyond its set temperature? Does the main thermostat overrule the valve or vice verce? I can see there being no conflict where for example the valve and the thermostat were in different parts of the house but what happens, as in my case, when there are two radiators with smart valves within a few feet of the main thermostat? Indeed, this raises a second question - which is what is the point of the main thermostat if all the radiators (with the one exception) are controlled independently.

Assuming there are straightforward answers to these questions I suppose what I am asking is it worth getting the Tado thermostat to replace my Nest?

My apologies in advance if the answers to all this are simple and obvious and it is just me. I also apologise if these points have been answered before (I did a search and couldn't find anything).

Thank-you in advance for your help and advice.



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    To be honest, I’d say if you’re happy with your current system, stick with it.

    However if you do want to change and your boiler supports modulation and has digital connections (ie is a gas fired combi) it might be worth getting an eu wireless receiver and wireless temp sensor or just a wired thermostat to replace the nest and wiring it Opentherm/ebus.

    You would use a separate thermostat/wireless temp sensor alongside the trvs if you have more than one in the same room to give a more accurate temperature reading. I think it’s also needed to control the settings on the wireless receiver if you need to change anything.

    If you had a wired thermostat going straight to the boiler instead you could avoid this step. There’s no clash between trvs and thermostat because if they’re put in different rooms on the app so can call for heat individually. If they are in the same room, both physically and on the app, usually the thermostat/wireless temp sensor becomes the device that calls for heat.