Wi-Fi & caution LED flashing.

Hi, every now and again the Wi-Fi & caution LED on my Tado system keeps flashing. The heating system seem to be working ok. Has anyone any idea what this means?

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  • RoryFire
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    Like in this thread maybe? https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/9428/wireless-receiver-slow-blink

    Mine was doing it now and again - in that thread there's some good information on the position of the bridge - as I've commented in that thread, it must be tricky for a lot of people to get the bridge into a good place.

    I moved my bridge a couple of metres by using longer power and ethernet cables, so it now looks pretty terrible - anyone who sees it comments and it must put people off from buying Tado. It would have been good to have known in advance that the system can be very sensitive to where the bridge is.


  • @Kadzewski

    Could you expand on exactly what is happening......cos I don't understand.

  • Hi guys,

    I moved the bridge to a more central part of the house using WiFi mesh, and now have full coverage with no disconnections. previously one radiator thermostat was losing connection regularly.

    Sorry for the late reply.