Wireless receiver slow blink

My wireless receiver has started a type of occulting blink (more on than off) on the wireless connection light. I can’t find anything that says what this means. Can anybody help? It started after I activated the heating boost function to all devices.


  • No, it is a slower flash. Light mainly on but flashing off every few seconds. What we call occulting in nautical terms.

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    Hi @Lindeborg, you will probably need to contact Tado.

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    Hi @Lindeborg
    Is it a Wireless Receiver or an Extension Kit ?? 🤔
  • Hi, it’s the wireless receiver.

  • My wireless receiver has started doing exactly the same, in the last couple of week as well. Apart from the slow blinking everything else appears to be working as normal.

    Before I contact Tado, did you ever figure out what the blinking meant?

  • I never did find out the answer. Mine is only doing it from time to time. I think it is only when there is a communication problem with one or more devices. Seems to sort itself out after a while. It is the WiFi light and the fault light together in tandem. A slow occulting blink.

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    Maybe it indicates lost contact with the internet bridge? That would be common according to the forum posters (but mainly for radiator valves)

  • I have noticed the same thing. I think it indicates loss of contact with the bridge because occasionally schedules have been interrupted when it's happening. I wish Tado would be more specific about the meaning of the slow blink . . .

  • Mine is still doing this occasionally. Captured this video link below. At the time there was no error showing in the app. All devices seem connected, not least the bridge. Everything seemed to be functioning correctly. Not associated with any routine event. Hot water off at the time. Heating all in frost protection mode due to nice weather. Seems bizarre to me.


  • Same here. Everything seems to be working fine yet we have a device error flashing light.
  • cbd20
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    @Lindeborg and @steve999 I think this is the page you need:

    Essentially it looks like your wireless temperature sensor and wireless receiver have lost connection with one another and the system is maintaining the previous known heating and hot water states.

  • @cbd20 when you say the temperature sensor and wireless receiver have lost connection, what do you mean? Any suggestions would be great as I didn't know that all the temperature sensors (TRVs etc) had to be within a specified range of the wireless receiver.

    I thought everything connected via the bridge and everything needs to be in range of that.

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    @fluffymitten probably poor wording on my part.

    All devices connect to the bridge, however the wireless receiver only knows it needs to operate when it receives a temperature update from a temperature sensor (via the bridge) according to the link I originally added above.

    So essentially if one or other device loses connection to the bridge, the wireless receiver cannot get the room temperature information.
  • Here is a response from tado:

    It seems the Wireless Receiver is losing its connection with the Internet Bridge so it is showing the Wi-Fi and warning lights behaving differently

    All your tado° devices are connected to your Internet Bridge. To ensure that your devices can communicate with each other and to our servers without any issues, it is important for the Internet Bridge to establish a stable connection.
    In our experience, moving and placing the Internet Bridge in an upright position can improve the connection of your whole tado° system
  • When doing this, please keep in mind the following:
    Make sure that there are no large metal objects (like refrigerators, TVs, or large fuse boxes) or other devices that use radio frequency (like cordless phones, radios, baby monitors, smart home devices, etc.) between your tado° devices and the Internet Bridge. Also, ensure that your Internet Bridge is not placed too close to a wall, in the corner of a room, or enclosed between wall and furniture.
    Make sure that the Internet Bridge is not positioned behind your router. If possible, use a longer Ethernet cable to move the Internet Bridge further away from the router.
    Make sure that there is a distance of at least 3 meters between the Internet Bridge and your other tado° devices.
    Make sure that your Internet Bridge is placed in a way that makes it equally far from all your tado° devices. If the current position of your router does not allow for this, try using a powerline adapter to connect the Internet Bridge to the internet.
  • Andrewmh8, many thanks for the detail, I think that's the cause of me seeing the WiFi and warning lights blink slowly on my wireless receiver also - the bridge is in a corner, next to the wireless router so makes sense. Could do with the Tado app telling you this is the reason though, I couldn't find anything till finding this thread! Thanks everyone (thumbs up)
  • Thanks Andrewmh8 from me too.

    The builders doing my refurb fitted the extension kit to our new boiler during the summer but I only fitted the TRVs last weekend. I randomly get the dual blinking lights of the extension kit and an also losing connection to some TRVs intermittantly - oddly not the ones furthest away. The system is more or less working but a couple of times it's been running with nothing showing as demanding heat.

    The ideal location for the bridge is going to take some finding! Surely most people are going to have their router in a less than ideal position based on where their phone line comes in? "Just connect it to the router" seems like it's going to iffy for many users.