Worcester 30cdi combi compatibility for modulation (UK)

Hello all,
Is worcester 30cdi combi capable of being modulated by tado in the UK?

I am trying to decide if it's worthwhile paying more for the eu version of the wireless kit so I can modulate. I am not sure though if the boiler is compatible. Anyone has attempted it?

The boiler is at least 8 years old. It is connected directly for hot water (no tank). Currently operated via heatmiser wireless over a relay connection.

I have tried tado support / chat but have not managed to get through them.

At present, a kit with wireless receiver and four falves is 299 at Costco (no modulation). With modulation need to invest 199 for eu kit and valves (current best price for four is 179.) So 80 pounds difference.

Anyway any help / advice is welcome.


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  • Ditsy
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    Not sure from your post whether you're aware that Tado are making the modulating version available in the UK again, but only via the installer shop. Take a look at this thread which has more information on this topic.


  • Da_g_prof
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    Yes ditsy, thanks for your reply. This is what I referred to with the "eu" version. My question was whether my boiler is compatible with it. In fact I got most of my information from that great thread, but still unclear of the compatibility with my boiler.