Smart Trv disconnecting intermittently

Just installed 4 smart TRV's, and one of them keeps losing connection. Weird thing is that it is the one closest to the Internet bridge.

During installation it had an E2 error, but I did not have time to fix straight away. Later when I went back to it the problem had disappeared. As I understand it, E2 problem is an issue with physical installation, so maybe not a cause, but worth mentioning.


  • IslaView
    To add to this post, I've removed the trv from the radiator and from my setup in the app. I tried to install on a different radiator, one only 3-4m from the Internet bridge, and I got E0 errors. I even got the same error standing next to the bridge.

    Could this be a faulty device?
  • Woble
    One TRV disconnecting intermittently. Take off and reset. Works OK for a while then disconnects again. Have changed batteries but problem persists. Any ideas?
  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
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    It could be the distance between the Bridge and the device thatistheproblem.......swap this device with another one that is working OK.....if the fault moves to the new radiator, then it's a device issue.....if the fault is now with the replacement device, then it's a connection issue.