Restore single tap for manually override



In a recent app release (maybe 7.0.0) the ability to single tap to set a manual schedule was removed. Please bring it back!

Before this was removed, it was possible to tap on the HW switch or room slider which would invoke a manual schedule that could then be edited and adjusted.

Since the change, it's now necessary move the slider to another setting before a manual schedule can be set. This isn't a big deal for room temps but for hot water, it is a frustrating backward step e.g. if I want to extend the on period for HW, I now have to turn it off, turn it back on then adjust the schedule when before, a single tap on the HW switch would change it to manual and I could adjust the schedule

While you're at it, please make haptic feedback a user option as it also came in around the same time but I have no option to turn it off on my android phone (the issue doesn't exist on my company iPhone). It's really annoying to have the phone vibrate each time I move a temp slider or change the HW status but I appreciate some users may like that function so please make it a user setting

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