Replacing manual TRV's with TADO TRV's on a 2 Zone system



My existing set-up is:

Zone 1 (downstairs) - thermostat in hallway and non-TRV radiator. Kitchen, lounge, WC, Study have manual TRV's

Zone 2 (upstairs) - thermostat in bedroom 1 and non-TRV radiator. Bedroom 2, Bedroom 3, Bedroom 4, Landing, WC all have manual TRV's

I have now replaced the Zone 1 (downstairs) thermostat with a wired TADO and replaced the manual TRV's with TADO TRV's.

What I am finding is that the Thermostat and TRV's are not activated as the temperature in the house is above what the setting is on the thermostat and TRV's, however, where there is no TRV (hallway) and where I have not replaced the manual TRV for a TADO (downstairs WC), the radiators are constantly on.

What's going on?

Second question is, do I need to replace the thermostat in Bedroom 1 with a TADO or can I control the upstairs radiators from the app since I have replaced the manual TRV's with a TADO. But then, what about Bedroom 1 where the radiator has no TRV since that is the room where the thermostat is located?