Avoiding sticking pins in thermostatic radiator valves


The pins in TRVs often stick in the closed position if the valve is left closed too long - such as over summer. Pre-Tado, I used to open the valves fully for the summer so that the first action at the start of the heating season was to force the pin down rather than rely on the spring to open it up. This avoids the sticking pin problem.

I would like to see Tado valves open fully when the boiler is off, at least from time to time. Two possible approaches:

(1) When in 'away' mode and the heating pump is off, open all valves fully. When returned to 'home' mode, resume normal functioning. (If frost protection kicks in the valves would need to return to normal action even if 'away'). This solution will cause some extra battery drain but may not be significantly.

(2) Another approach: Introduce a 'summer mode' which turns off all rooms and opens the TRVs fully. Alternatively, modify the existing 'Turn off all rooms' setting to open all TRVs. In either case, when any one room is subsequently turned on, all other TRVs need to resume normal functioning.

Can we gather support of this to put to Tado?

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